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City worth to be seen – Brussels

Brussels is the capital of Belgium a small European country. This city has its own unique history, its architecture is marvelous and it covers a huge historical distance from baroque to art nouveau style. It attracts its visitors by  special atmosphere, it is famous for its festivals and for its delicacies.

Grand Place – Grote Markt the central square, surrounded the gorgeous baroque buildings looks like a neatly done handmade carved casket

Park of the Fiftieth Anniversary with the triumphal arch, the Atomium, European Quarter show that Brussels is not only a capital of a country but the capital of Europe.

It is only in Brussels you can learn the comics history just not only by looking in books and even not only by visiting the museum, as there is the comics museum in Brussels, but simply by looking at the walls of the buildings where you  can find some funny heroes.

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Brussels, Belgium

Part 1

Once upon a time (six years ago, commercials), we went with his family to Brussels. Just - go. Ride, we ride, but there was some terrible event that my dear supruzhnitsa recalled at every opportunity, especially in crowds.

The case was what it is. As all self-respecting, tourists, we decided to walk around the city, which got issued at a map and boldly marched out thereof hotel. As it turned out, my navigational abilities, occasionally, can not be valid, so that instead of the recommended area of ​​Gran Plas us we were in the Turkish district.

The case was in the evening, no food, and my wife, if you do not eat anything on time, turns into something compared to what kind of a shrew - the most friendly creature that ever lived on this planet. Overall, I was an ultimatum - come and eat immediately!

Since there are no decent restaurants in the area were not observed, I took the family to a nearby Turkish diner, where we proposed a Turkish version of KFC. Fortified, we left the diner and went to look for this is the Gran Plas, emboldened by the instructions of the owner catering point of "not far from here - right, then right, and there and at hand."


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