City of Ghent

It is possible to tell the card Gent, Cathedral of Saint Bavo.

Gent is located in the province of East Flanders. From Brussels you can get here in 40 minutes by train. In the Middle Ages, Ghent was one of the largest and most prosperous cities in Europe. Some sources claim that he was second only to Paris. This is the greatness and wealth has been immortalized in a very beautiful architecture. Although the city of Gent and is now far from being poor, with developed industry and transport infrastructure. The city also is a large university with an enrollment of up to fifty thousand students. Tourists come to Belgium is often overlooked form of Gent, preferring Bruges and Antwerp.

In Gent and Bruges as many channels through which you can take a guided tour. The walk continues through the channels a little more than an hour and costs 6.5 euros.


After the boat trip you can walk on foot on the quiet and clean streets of Gent.

And on this tram will take you directly to Moscow Smile

Especially lovely evening with a special Gent illuminated streets and buildings. Photos do not convey the beauty, it must be seen with your own eyes.


According seschaya Gent, not  by throwing the thought, "I want to live here!". But we have not gotten to the medieval credit for STI Gravensteen, which means credit for Capacity Counts, rebuilt in the 12th century by Count Philip on Alasskim m. Once upon a time there was a prison, and now the former by zitsii torture instruments, ancient weapons and ammunition. The castle itself is a seemingly harsh and unapproachable, gray walls downright menacing grow up out of the water, and at the entrance on the left - a steel web with a diameter of 4 meters ... If Gravensteen not intimidated you finally, you need to go and be in the ditch area Veerlepleyn - medieval container where public executions were committed!That's where  by constantly walking wind and fear!

But more on that another time Wink


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